Delmarva Board Sport Adventures – 2019 Demo Day

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures,  Rehoboth Beach,  DE 19971

Just what really is the difference between an inflatable, an all-round board, a cross over and a touring board? Confused by all the different types of construction? What is the best board for families, kids, pets, boats, surfing, touring, recreational use? What boards are light, heavy? Which boards should be stored in a board bag? Is there a difference between a $600 board and a $1400 board? What’s the difference between aluminum paddles and carbon paddles? What are the PROs/CONs of fixed length paddles over adjustable paddles?

This demo event is geared to answer all of these questions and help you make an informed decision. Advanced Reservations Required. Call 302.260.9008 to reserve.